Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mount Maunganui

When I was in Tauranga a few weeks ago Eclectic Friend and I went for a walk around the Mount Maunganui.  Well actually we didn't go round as we had intended.  A few days previously the torrential rains had caused huge landslips on The Mount and consequentially large areas of the footpath around it  remained impassable.

The Mount Maunganui
One of the eleven large (and numerous small) landslips
Reminds me of Carmel in California
The end of the path
No mincing of words here then
Yes.  That's definitely a landslip
A very pleasant walk when not covered in rubble
Marine Parade from The Mount
OK.  It's a head..  I just had to show you


  1. A frightening thought to have so much earth move all of a sudden, but such a beautiful place! I could sit in that first photo for a good long while!

  2. hmmm... please just stay on the croquet lawn, will you! (presuming that will be nice and flat and not in the riskzone of gliding out into the sea or something)...

  3. Graham, if you could not see my elephant then I categorically refuse to acknowledge your head.
    Looked again. Okay I see it now it's a syphilitic head it's nose has gone.

  4. So scary how land can move around. That's a phenomenon I've not personally experienced, although we in Indiana were told we had a small one this past summer.

  5. What a beautiful spot. Shame about the slips. Pesky gulls get everywhere though don't they.

  6. A lovely place. Love the no messing about sign! And yes, I can see the head (even if I too couldn't see Adrian's elephant).