Wednesday, 9 February 2011


James and Yuko took me under their wing on Monday.  I had never been kayaking and the opportunity to wander up the Waimapu River at Tauranga was one not to be missed.  It was not, I have to admit, executed without incident.

Setting off upstream

Recent floods have left the river blocked in places and careful negotiation of the hazards was needed
At the end of the journey was a huge swimming hole with a rope swing between the (very high) trees
Which both of the youngsters tried - I didn't!
Returning - a quiet journey.  Almost......
On the return journey we had to negotiate a couple of fallen trees which were blocking all but about a metre of the river which it was possible to get man and kayak through successfully with a very small area adjacent where the tree was out of the water sufficiently for a kayak to pass but not the occupant however low he or she should lean back.  I was, of course, the one who managed to misjudge the fast-flowing current sufficiently to go under the low bit and consequently end up in the water.  The river was deeper than I was tall with a very steep adjacent bank so I had to swim for the other side. Next time I'll wear togs!  Fortunately James and Yuko rescued the kayak and brought it over to me.  The weather was so hot that the rest of the journey was actually rather pleasant.

The photos were taken by James with whom copyright rests.


  1. That saved a bath this month then. Looks good.

  2. I love kayaking!! We want to get some but aren't sure about what we need, with the three boys and one being too small for his own. If we get 2 two seaters, that won't work....and we certainly can't get a bunch of them. Even just one would suit me fine...I'll leave them all ashore and paddle for my life :)

    This looks like so much fun, Graham!

  3. That does look rather jungle-like. More so than any other pictures I've seen from NZ I think. Makes me realize how little I really know! But at least there are no crocodiles in NZ, are there?

  4. A great way to spend a day! A wonderful combination of exercise and relaxation.

  5. It's the Crocodile Dundee hat that makes you such an intrepid traveller. Way to go Graham, as us hip cool, young dudes say (or at least (i'm told) used to).

  6. Thanks for the comments. It was a wonderful experience. What was really odd was that my hat stayed on despite my ducking, my sunglasses fell off but into the kayak when it righted and my jandals stayed in the kayak despite it overturning.

  7. An adventure! Kayaking is not as easy as it looks, is it? Looks like a lovely day. In a couple of the pictures it looks like you're coming up to a waterfall. Yikes!

  8. good for you Graham. Bayble Beach here you come....

  9. I so wish I had been there. Ducking and all! Oh Well.