Friday, 4 February 2011

Frightful Friday

Actually I hope it won't be frightful - I'll let you know how it goes.  However the day started for me at 0515 when Sandra got up and made a cup of tea.  My bed is, as is usual when we go away, in the living room of the motel unit.  (The Girls always have the bedrooms and I, being the one who stays up latest and the only male, get the living room).  So now at 0630 I'm up and showered and ready for the off.  But I don't have to leave until 0730 so I actually have a few minutes to write this and get one or two other odds and ends done.

Why all this hassle?  Well the organisation of the tournament seems to have got into a bit of a mess (some have called it a lot worse) with us not only playing lots of games (no complaint there) but at various venues which are up to an hour's drive apart.  So that Sandra who was to be playing here in Katikati (which is why we are in the motel here) now has to be in Tauranga at The Mount before 0800.  Lots of people who share transport to come here don't have transport so changing everything at the last minute has caused a logistical nightmare and not a few frayed nerves and tempers.  Add to that venue changes half way through days and you have something approaching chaos.  I shall play three games here and then drive to another venue 30 minutes away to complete the day's games.  

Ah well.  I've pretty much decided that it'll be the last Nationals I play in.  I love tournaments but the Nationals is not worth all the hassle.  Unless, that is, it's held in Hawkes Bay when I might be persuaded.


  1. A humongous cup and cheque to match may help.
    Take up beach volley ball coaching and post the pics. They would be a close second to grown men installing hoops or the dog in your panorama of Stornoway.
    Good luck.

  2. you're sounding like me and the days of baseball with my boys :)

    breathe deeply - exhale slowly and enjoy your play time

  3. Good luck in your tournament, GB. At least you get to travel and spend time with folks you like, not to mention playing a game you love. Life is good, huh? All the best, Deedee

  4. I know your patience is limitless so am sure you are coping brilliantly with all the chaos. Smile on and enjoy the rest of the tournament!

  5. Being capable of multitasking is one thing. Being able to be in multiple places at once is a different matter... I hope you managed to split your day according to plan! ;)