Monday, 14 February 2011

The Flip'n Bear Café

On the way back from Miranda we did a bit of sight-seeing (well you would, wouldn't you?)  which I'll blog on in due course and then we stopped for coffee and a bite to eat at The Flip'n Bear Café near Katikati.  The café had a wonderful setting and lots of atmosphere.  We were the only customers and the service is slow which suited us because we wanted to see and photograph the Short-finned Eels Anguilla australis in the river running nearby.  

The outside deck - surrounded by native forest
A comfortable interior with bears a plenty
The 'ah' factor
And a Manic Pancake Eater (by our standards the pancake was too huge to finish although I know that my friends in California will not be impressed.

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  1. So was it left-over pancake you fed to the eel? (I started at the top scrolling down...)