Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What's Going On?

Once again I woke up this morning.  Obviously that's nothing new.  But I'm getting fed up of waking up to night stallions.  I've been having them for a week and they are beginning to get on my wick (as we used to say in Liverpool).  I rarely recall dreams but some of the one's I've had recently have been very unpleasant and stay with me.  Two particularly unpleasant ones about being in the middle of a massacre and about watching a large helicopter crash just won't go away.  

This morning I had become a young  person again starting off in life.  I'd lost the privilege of a stable, loving parental home and had nothing.  That is a situation I have been fortunate enough never to have experienced.  I'll be looking at the victims of the floods in Australia with a new understanding this morning.  There are many worse disasters in the world from the life loss point of view including the floods in Brazil but they are too remote for me to comprehend.

The Rotorua earthquake I mentioned yesterday was felt over most of the North Island even as far as Wellington.  Anna in Rotorua didn't feel it.  In fact the News this morning has said that there were no reports of it being felt in Rotorua.  How strange is that?


  1. Graham, in our dreams we often sort of reverse things: you can put yourself in someone else's shoes, or let another person represent yourself, or whatever... You wrote in your blogposts yesterday about memories of your son; another young man embarking on a rather riskful adventure; bad news received by a friend; and you experienced an actual earthquake! It's really no wonder with all those things going on, if you also dream dreams that involve loss and instability. You may not be a young man just having lost your parental home, but you are a parent having lost a son, not all that long ago. I'm no expert - just interested in dreams, as you know - but I would suggest that sort of shifting parent/child perspective in a dream might well be one way that the brain tries to "deal with" things. It might not feel like it, but I do think that sometimes nightmares can actually be part of a sort of inner healing process. ♥2U! /Monica

  2. GB, I wish I could trade you some snow(getting ten more inches tonight)for some of that wonderful warmth in return. Someday I vow to get to New Zealand-it seems like a beautiful, magical place to say the least.
    Night time dreams are strange things to be sure- sometimes prophetic, sometimes complete nonsense. I just try to squeeze whatever meaning I can from them.
    Wishing you sweet dreams from New England tonight!