Sunday, 30 January 2011

That Was The Week That Was

It's been quite a week in many ways.  I'm not going to go into details but I suppose the weather has been a barometer of the week: rain storms, floods, gale force winds and hot sunny days mirroring days of despair and days of hope in everything from the serious (friends' situations) to the inconsequential (my ability to hit a croquet ball properly!). 

Flooding at Rotowhenua Road - it has been right over the road.
Morning mists over the orchards in front of The Cottage
Friday evening contentment:  Catriona and Comet after dinner


  1. Pictures well chosen to illustrate your point! :)

  2. The second shot is a beauty.

  3. Your view is still beautiful, Graham...that second picture invites me to ponder.

    WOW, on the near to flooded road.

  4. a very beautiful area, sir. If there is a cultural moment, take pictures, and give a little story. I'd love to hear it. Greetings!

  5. Luckily, that week is not the norm!
    I was reading a short article on New Zealand a few days ago, and it said that NZ is called "the land of the long white cloud." It said you will get wet!

  6. Beautiful shots, GB! Comet could be the twin to my beloved late Catboy. Here's to better days, friend.

  7. There seems to be "weather" everywhere, and I just didn't notice! I've seen signs of rather serious flooding here while I was away.