Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I found it hard to continue with the Thankful Thursday post which was started by Jaz of Treacy Travels.  Jaz lies in a hospital bed after an attempt to remove a brain tumour did not go to plan.  I have not felt particularly thankful this week if I am honest.

However I think that to give up on the posts would be to deny the positive attitude that Jaz brings to life.  So I shall continue to post Thankful Thursdays until Jaz is back in harness and doing them again herself.

As it happens the next post was done last week and pre-posted - something I rarely do.


  1. GB, I think this is a great way to support your friend. Positive thoughts lift people up. I'm sending you positive thoughts too!

  2. Thank you for all your support and positive thoughts Graham.
    Even as we see small improvements each day, the reality of the long journey ahead is sinking in for the rest of us. She has had multiple strokes. Some may be smaller than others but they are affecting a range of areas. Our darling Jaz is trapped in there.
    Returning home on Sunday will be difficult. The family are taking it in turns to fly up here so Mark and the girls will not be alone. For Scott, her father, this is even harder as they lost her mother to cancer in 2006. I know you understand it all because you have lived through similar experiences.
    Today I am just thankful we are here.
    Fi x

  3. Oh I'm so sorry... I have not been following this blog (hers) so had no idea! I think it's a very nice thing to do, trying to keep the Thankful Thursdays up for her. I'll try to back you up in my thoughts as well... ♥

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  5. Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

    I will tell her today that you are thinking of her. Jaz enjoyed reading your blog but also the comments you made and the relationship that has developed between you both.


    Mark Treacy

  6. Mark.

    Thank you so much. I admired Jaz for her attitude to life and her situation before the operation and I'm sure that that she will use that attitude to see her through the coming months. I think that you are an inspiration and I wish you strength in all you will have to do in the those months.

    You and your family will be in my most positive thoughts.