Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thankful Thursday

As I drove home from Palmerston North on Monday I made a mental note to include the drive in my Thankful Thursday post.  As I drove with the lid down on a beautiful, hot, sunny day stopping at various places for coffee and to take photos here and there I realised that I was able to do just that.  Something which is so hard to do in the UK any more.  I used State Highway 50 which leaves SH 2 just after Norsewood (where I stopped for lunch) and goes for about 60 k to Bridge Pa.  Whilst on the highway I passed a farm vehicle and was passed by about 6 other vehicles.  I just moseyed along at a nice easy pace enjoying the fabulous scenery and wondering where else I was ever likely to be where I could do just that without being hassled by traffic.  I certainly felt very thankful.
Gaz got news yesterday that he is now a crofter.  The Crofters Commission approved his application for the croft in the village of Grimshader on Lewis.  So I am very thankful indeed that Gaz will now have a base on Lewis.


  1. I was just watching a prog last night about the crofters on Harris achieving the same thing. Isn`t it marvellous for them? They`ve even persuaded a housing association to build EIGHT new houses - I`m positive I saw my name on one of them!!lol (A girl can dream, can`t she? It`s positively idyllic up there).

  2. Congratulations to Gaz!!! Okay, I had to look it up, Crofter, online. But cool, nonetheless!!!
    Going back to Santa Cruz in CA, I am reminded how wonderful it is to not be on the freeways, involved in bumper-to-bumper traffic!

  3. Glad you were able to enjoy your drive! Congrats to Gaz. I remember you writing about crofting before - I now associate it with all those fences, but not sure if I quite grasp the chole concept ;) Anyway I had a peek at a google map and think I got a grasp of the location compared to yours and to Stornoway.

  4. What a lovely way to journey home from Palmerston North - I can picture it in my mind.

    And great news from and for your Gaz - I expect you both have "big smiles"