Friday, 21 January 2011

Argh! I'm a Man

I keep forgetting that I'm a man.  Bugger.  I was quietly sorting my pills, making chocolate crunch for the children, working out what I was going to feed the family this evening, ironing things in between, answering the phone ('No, I'm not Simon!'), answering a comment on Facebook  and sending a text about this morning's arrangements for croquet when I wondered what the odd noise was.  The chocolate, sugar, syrup, butter mix was boiling!  Oh dear.  I should just remember that I'm a man and do one thing at a time.  But then that involves thinking.  And I'm a man.  Catch 22 really.


  1. But you're a very funny man GB!

  2. uh-oh...maybe I'm a man ;) hahaha

  3. Yes, Viv, never a truer four words!

    Thanks Jaz. Thanks Lisa.

    Heather - your pictures are very deceptive!

  4. Nonsense. You're obviously a modern man well capable of multitasking. You might try keeping it down to six things at a time though, and skip the seventh!