Thursday, 16 December 2010

Thankful Thursday

Last evening I attended the Puketapu School Prizegiving for the fifth consecutive year.  When I first went to the School's prizegiving Wendy and Martin had all four children at the school.  Now just the two youngest are there and Wendy is on the School's Board of Trustees.  

The whole playground area is in an amphitheatre and there were probably over five hundred people present to watch the prizegiving and performances by the children:  in the above photo the youngest children are performing a Kapa haka

 Fraser - on the left - holding the Orton Cup for the most improved performer in Year 7.  By a remarkable coincidence the Cup had been donated by friends of Wendy and Martin.

So today I am thankful for the privilege of being part of the Geddes family and to have seen the children develop and flourish at such a wonderful school in such beautiful rural surroundings.


  1. Thanks for the memories GB, I attended Puketapu School in 1961, when our swimming pool was the Tutaekuri River (explain that name :)) and the bridge across it was a wooden swing bridge.

  2. Wow! What beautiful surroundings for a school :-)

  3. Nice to be able to follow friends' children like that... Thinking back I realize I lost touch with most friends' kids around that age when they started school, they seemed to sort of disappear into a world of their own then. (As did some of their parents, come to think of it!)

  4. Did you know you can't take photos or videos at school prize-givings over here now. How sad is that!!!