Saturday, 20 November 2010

A Visit from Pauline

"Hiya to you too.  Are you just boarding?"
"I'm here.  Help.  I'm abandoned!"
Phone call "I'm on my way."

What a way to start a visit.  My diary said that Pauline was due 1125.  Pauline's diary said that she was due 1025.  Pauline works on arrival times to define flights and I work on departure times.  So the 1025 flight for me arrives here an hour later.  For Pauline the 1025 flight actually arrives at 1025.  This afternoon Pauline was due to leave on the 1640 flight.  I had assumed that was the departure time from Napier.  No.  That was the arrival time in Auckland.  Fortunately my male lack of understanding was rectified in good time and Pauline left promptly in good time for her daughter's baby shower tomorrow.

So the last few days has been a time of sightseeing, blog photo opportunities, eating (and the occasional glass of New Zealand and Australian red) and sleeping.

I have now visited several places that I'd not seen before despite all those good intentions over the last number of years.  I'm sure that they will be the subject of blogs over the next few days.  In the meantime here are just a few views from the past few days:
 Napier Marine Parade from Bluff Hill

 Te Mata Peak

 Cape Kidnappers, Clifton Beach

The Settlers Museum, Waipawa

and Churches - St Peter's, Waipawa


  1. Beautiful photographs. I'm glad you & Pauline got your times straightened out! I'm looking forward to more photographs with descriptions so I can look it up on Google maps.

  2. What a beautiful place! So much green and the ocean makes for picturesque photos. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Looks like you've been visiting some great sights, and in fine weather too!

  4. Though not really too keen on taking sides I thought departure times governed the flight one was on. Perhaps safer to use flight numbers and track on the internet.......Good job she wasn't travelling by boat!

  5. I've already have forgotten all about that little mix up, I have so many lovely memories of 'being there'.

    Love the photo from Te Mata Peak, and the roses at the museam. Too bad we can't photograph a smell!!

  6. Love the one of Te Mata peak. Was it a long trek?