Saturday, 6 November 2010

Totally Irrelevant

I haven't forgotten Blogland.  Honestly.  I have visitors at the moment (Mike's playing in a Tournament at our club for the Country's top Association Players.  Sandra is having a really quite day today.) and also have croquet commitments.  However I was looking for something this morning and suddenly came across some photos I took in 2005 of red squirrels.  Now I know that these have absolutely nothing to do with New Zealand nor, really, with the subjects of this Blog (whatever that is).   In the absence of anything else springing immediately to mind I thought that I would post a few red squirrel photos because they have been the subject of some discussion on one or two blogs recently - in particular Adrian's Images


  1. Those squirrels are so cute!

    You don't quite sound yourself in this post. Hope everything is OK.

  2. Better pictures of Red Squirrel than I have ever managed. These are grand.

  3. You seem to be running about like a squirrel yourself at the moment... We get the occasional glimpse but you're hard to "catch"! ;) Hope the croquet is going well and the sun shining on you.

  4. Oh these are so cute! The look on the face in the second photo just cracks me up!!
    Wilson has lost his mind over the squirrels in this RV park. Really, we've contacted a dog trainer because he's so out of control. We can barely hang on to him.
    When is the croquet tournament?

  5. Hope all is well in your part of the world!
    Looks a little squirrel-y to me!