Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Been Shopping

What I would love to know is how she managed to get it into her beak rolled up like that and then keep it all there.  It must affect the aerodynamics too.


  1. Wow! What a great capture!!! Never thought about what it must be like to fly with that squiggly thing twisting about!

  2. Memeviv said.
    Hi GB. Just loved the pic.Thought about the differences in diet at different times in different hemispheres.

  3. The answer is simple...and in the question.

    It is because she is a 'she'. Because of this she can multi task very efficiently and probably elegantly too

  4. Now that image will be before my inner eye next time I struggle home with my groceries from the store... I shall have to think again about becoming a vegetarian!

    You must be a real bird charmer to be able to get so close to them?!

  5. Oh! You better believe it Dawn Treader - he is a real "bird" charmer! In the nicest possible way - we just love him - one of the best friends you could ever wish for. x

  6. Now that is a picture and a half. One of the best.

  7. Sending a smile back to Spesh... ;) I believe it!

  8. Lisa: It's not the sort of thing 'normal' people do think about. I just have a sense of the ridiculous.

    Memeviv: Lovely to see you here. I always feel conscious about the fact that I help artificialise the diet of 'my' birds in Eagleton. But the fact that they often have three sets of fledgelings during the summer does make me feel it is justified.

    Jaz: Of course. I have always recognised the female's superiority in that respect.

    Monica/Spesh: I shall gloss over that exchange.

    Adrian: Thank you. Coming from you that's a compliment indeed.