Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Oh Joy, Oh Rapture

With apologies to The Wizard of Oz and The Major General (The Pirates of Penzance).

And in my case I’m being ironic.  I’ve had a Good Day despite going to the dentist (whence I have to return at 0820 tomorrow!).  Well I had until I arrived home late this evening after dinner at one of my favourite restaurants.  The newly installed central heating in my house in Eagleton in Scotland (where friends are staying for the week) has stopped working ….. again.  We thought that the recent modifications to the boiler flue had solved the problems.  They haven’t.  So I’ve been on the phone to the installers.  The central heating is an irritation.  I can cope with that.  The inconvenience to Pat and Dave who so kindly look after my affairs when I’m over here in New Zealand is not OK.  So I am vexed.


  1. For what it's worth (not of any practical help, I'm afraid!) you have my sympathies. I know a bit about the kind of vexation involved from all the things going wrong at my dad's house this winter.

  2. What are friends for - and you are a friend indeed. xx

  3. Don't be vexed.
    Hope it all works out well...