Saturday, 3 April 2010

Dozy Me – Again!

I was commenting on one of Katherine’s old postings with aerial photographs and mentioned the problems I had with high UV content and scratched plane windows when I did my post on South Island a few days ago.  Those photos were straight from the camera because although I have Picasa for basic fixes and Paint Shop Pro for the full treatment I very rarely use them.   Katherine suggested the very simple remedy of altering the contrast.  Of course.  Why didn’t I use my noddle and do something about the issue instead of just accepting it.  So this morning I’ve done a very quick fix and already the alterations are noticeable.   I’ve not deleted the old posting so for contrast here are the images again; this time with the quick fix.  Thanks Katherine.  I’ll try remembering next time.  Just like I’ll try to remember to empty my pockets before I put things in the wash!









  1. Oh, that's a marked improvement GB! Lovely shots. My favourite is the 5th.

  2. If I'm in a rush then I tend to find just clicking the "One Step Photo Fix" on the Adjust menu in Paint Shop Pro. It attempts to deal with correcting brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpening as well as some noise reduction. Strangely for an automatic process it nearly always does something reasonably sensible!

  3. That certainly made a difference, didn't it? Time well spent!

  4. Oh yes. Much better! So much more detail!