Monday, 5 April 2010

Did You Know?

Following on from my posting a few days ago about numbers I have now been told that

1/9 is 0.111111...
(1/9)x(1/9) = (0.1111111...) x (0.1111111...)
which is 0.012345679012345689012345679 ...

C’est trĂ©s interessant, n’est pas?


  1. I have an aversion to this kind of fascinating maths. I was traumatised by my grandfather who loved trapping me at an early age and challenging me to calculate what day of the week November the 10th was in 1482 etc. Sorry.

  2. I can well understand that, Katherine. I'm not keen on maths (I started off in accountancy and abandoned it after a very short period) but I like fascinating facts. These just happen to be mathematical ones. Being fascinating they have a certain beauty.

  3. I'm so grateful for calculators! ;)

    I can sometimes find this kind of thing fascinating just when I'm reading about it. But I never remember them.

  4. GB, maths has always fascinated me. It had to prior to GPS. There is a book A Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities.
    This number will have a name, most likely Greek and unspellable or German and unpronounceable. Except to Greeks and Germans of course. it's your blog so I will shut up, can you tell it's raining?

  5. I have a book on mathmatical curiosities in Scotland. The book is in Scotland that is ie Scotland refers to the whole phrase. Just thought I'd clear that up before someone corrected my grammar. I think the numbers apply everywhere!

    I've never opened the book so far as I can recall.

    I wouldn't have posted these if I hadn't just had a moment of passing interest. I suspect they'll be the last.

  6. Actually, I lied. I love fractals.

  7. Katherine I had one of those once but I dropped it and it broke.

  8. Or did I lose it? Can't remember.