Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kitchen Gadgets

I’ve blogged on Eagleton Notes about kitchen gadgets and at some time I’m sure I’ve mentioned on this blog that I manage very well without them.  I know that Cowgirl at Riverdale Ramblings was very scathing about kitchen gadgets and I felt almost guilty at my UK collection although, in fairness to myself, many of the gadgets have been presents from people who know that I love cooking.  When I was having treatment at The Beatson in Glasgow last year I mentioned to Marlene (See The Last Day and Steak Pies and Kindness) that I was trying to find an onion holder for when you are slicing them but had been unsuccessful.  I find it one of the most useful kitchen gadgets and wasn’t prepared to take my Scottish one to NZ!  A few days later she presented me with one.  It has been put to very good use.  Here’s the evidence!  Thank you Marlene.



  1. Amazing, I would never have thought there would be a gadget to help with (the relatively simple task of) chopping an onion. I tend to just hold the onion with one hand and the knife with the other.

    Maybe this explains the number of small cuts on my fingers :)

  2. I've had one of those as long as I can remember! (And always use it, as soon as chopping onions are involved.)

  3. Can handsome combs do?
    Just kidding.

  4. Cutting a tomato came to mind too. Very cleever, as we say in my house!