Saturday, 20 March 2010

Cathedral Lectern

One of the items at Waiapu Cathedral of St John the Evangelist that I did not show you was the lectern given in memory of the first Dean.  It was the only piece of the furnishing of the Cathedral to survive the Earthquake.  It will probably survive long after the present Cathedral has fallen into ruins.  After all, a thousand years is a small amount of time for such an article.





  1. This is a fascinating fixture! I am sure your prediction is should last for a very long time....

  2. It's a beautiful lectern. The Eagle is the symbol of St John the Evangelist (whom you mention that the cathedral is also named after). One of the characteristics of the gospel of St John is that he begins it with talking of Jesus as the Word of God. So very suitable to have the Eagle on a lectern... And very symbolic too that this would be the thing to survive the earthquate that laid everything else in ruins. While man-made buildings may fall apart, the Word remains... I can understand that the people belonging to this church treasure that lectern.