Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Maungakaramea isn't very big.  The school had, in 2000, a roll of 103.  But it has a croquet club!  It also has a petrol station/shop.  I found three churches: Anglican, Roman Catholic and something I have never seen before: an Undemonitional Church.  

All Saints Anglican Church

St Peter and St Pauls Roman Catholic Church: dedicated in 1902

Every village has it's Memorial or War Memorial Hall:  This one is grander than many.


You can buy your veg at the roadside


And every village has it's current fire danger status


  1. Your seem to be having trouble with your spillchucker! But if it is any consolation, the Undemonitial church gave me a good laugh... Luckily at least those who painted the sign outside the church got the spelling right. ;)

    I was a member of an undenominational church for a while, i.e. a local free church not connected to any of the nationwide denominations. (It later did join an existing denomination so then ceased to be undenominational.)

  2. PS1. Charming vegetable stand!

    PS2. Can't help wondering who is in charge of the fire danger sign, what stops anyone from fiddling with it, or do New Zealanders just don't do that?

  3. Yes Monica that's another ooops.

    Interesting about the fire risk notice but, so far as I'm aware that's just something New Zealanders don't do. Fire risk is of great imporatnce in most places and a real matter of life and death. But then I suppose that unless it was very obvious one wouldn't know if a sign had been altered.

  4. You've never seen an undemoninational church? The church that I attend is a non-denominational church :)

    Sounds to me like the same thing (?)

    Ours is a branch of the Assemblies of God.