Saturday, 23 January 2010

Strange Times

I'm sure that this is by no means the first time that I could have used that heading but this week has been a strange one.  Perhaps that's accounted for my strange, and very unusual, mood.    About half an hour ago before I was sidetracked and hung a picture I had been given for Christmas where I have at last decided it shall reside, I was standing on the deck looking at a Harrier circling looking for its next meal.

Whilst Northland is having severe drought conditions we have had storms and flash floods.  An acquaintance recorded over 4 cm  rain in about an hour yesterday.  I was on my way out when the thunder started and then the hail - as big as my thumb nail - and just as got to the car and got my camera out the heavens opened and I could not dream of of getting out to photo the hailstones on my deck without getting me and, more importantly my camera, soaked to the skin.  I had to stop driving.  This picture was taken with the windscreen wipers on full speed!  And no there is no mist on the windscreen - the air con was on full blast.

I'm just hoping that Northland gets lots and lots of rain before I get there and not when I go to admire the views and take lots of photos.  Although even if it pours (as it did one day I was there last time) I'm sure the company will be excellent even if the photos are not.

So this week I have had two croquet matches cancelled because of heavy rain.  This morning Colleen and I were due to play an Association match.  We went for coffee instead!

Before I started this post I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say. Now I have no idea what that was.  Bummer, eh?  Old age cometh not alone.  But it was an innocuous enough ramble wasn't it?

Ah well, Wendy, Catriona and Jamie are coming for dinner (Martin's taken the other two boys to do Sea Scout things this weekend) so I'd better get my skates on.


  1. Oh, Graham! Take care!
    Coffee sounds like a better plan!

  2. OK, now I don't envy you the weather ;) Neither rainstorms nor drought really sound all that much better than rather evenly snowy winter!

    May the rain and the sun both go before you to the Northland (to wet the ground and dry it up again)

  3. I've just remembered that I was going to tell you that I danced today. On the wall at The House there is a plaque saying that one should dance as though no one is watching.

    Well this afternoon when I was looking at the view I had Laura Branigan belting out (makes a change from Mozart and Chopin) and I danced as though no one was watching!

  4. My week has been similarly odd :) I know that you can believe that, too. You might also know that I can begin writing with one intention, only to find myself in another :)

  5. Nice to knopw your blogs can ramble as well as you can in real life...