Sunday, 24 January 2010

Friends Who Are More Like Family

In her blog Exquisite Juncture, Jen used a term in a posting Shenanigan-izer that I just have to plagerise.  But before I go into detail of that term I should give a little background.

A number of the blogging family to which I belong use terms to define people who may or may not be anonymous.  CJ/Scriptor Senex uses various ones for family members.  For example his wife Jo is Partner-who-loves-tea also known as Partner-who-hates-being-photographed and I am Brother-who-blogs.  A person who has the use of such terms down to a fine and entertaining art is The Archduchesss in Les Chaussettes de L'Archiduchesse.  I refer to a very dear and precious friend who saw me through some Bad Times as Friend Who Knows Too Much.  You will, no doubt, have heard the saying "You will always be my know too much."

Anyway I have always had some difficulty describing to true relationship that I have with 'The Family' who have adopted me and who are the reason that I now live six months of the year in New Zealand.  Jen has given me the answer.  They are Friends-who-are-more-like-family.   Thanks Jen.

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  1. Big hugs to you, bloggy-friend-who-who-plays-croquet!