Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Town Basin, Whangarei

It seems hardly possible that a week has passed since I was staying in Northland and a week and two days since I took these pictures in Whangarei.  How time it doth pass so quickly.  These were taken in the Town Basin in Whangarei.

The large and the small

Whilst there's nothing new in a group of new 'old' shops on the water front these have been very well done and there is a superb gift shop called Nautical Trenz (of which more later)
I love the detail and superb quality of this public bench
 And every public place has to have a clock - especially for Scriptor there is a blue post box next to the red and grey one at the base of the tower

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  1. There is a blue post box in Windsor in the UK. At one time, in the UK, there used to be separate blue post boxes in some places for air mail post.