Monday, 28 December 2009


Fraser (third son of Wendy and Martin) is quite an amazing person.  He is quite dedicated to something if he really wants to be.  He spent a week on holiday once constantly (and I mean constantly) attempting and then perfecting a single gymnastic move because he knew that he should be able to do it to a very high standard. 

On the other hand his concentration can be completely non-existent.  We were all having dinner at The House one evening last week when Fraser looked up and suddenly said, in all seriousness, to the table in general "When did Graham come in?"  I'd been there in the same room as him for about half an hour before dinner and we were about 10 minutes into the meal and I was sitting next to him!  And he was completely serious.

And for Christmas he made his Dad a Christmas Card which contained a considerable amount of time and effort:


  1. Advanced construction indeed! :)

  2. That is so cool! He may be the brilliant nutty professor!

  3. Wonderful card. I'm sure Martin will treasure it.