Friday, 24 April 2009

Pampas Grass or Toetoe?

In the Napier suburb of Meanee there flourishes a most spectacular Pampas Grass. I'm not sure whether it is an introduced one or the native Toetoe. Cortaderia jubata begins flowering in late January and Cortaderia selloana begins flowering in early March. Toetoe flowers from October to January. Given that it is April I suspect that it is selloana. Whichever it sure is impressive.


  1. Just think Graham - if you had not burned out your pampas grass - they would be on a par with these by now! It would have meant far less grass to cut too.

    lol xx

  2. I don't know but my mother would have been able to say, I'm sure of it. I do know that I think of these as elegant, wispy, soft and gentle beauty :o) - they always catch my eye and create the desire to touch them.