Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Circus Comes to Napier

Three of the children enrolled for three mornings of circus school. Today they did what I certainly would never have had the courage to do at their ages (or at any age come to that). They gave a public performance at lunchtime in Emerson Street in the centre of Napier. It was wonderful to see how much they tried and how much they enjoyed it.

Wendy and I parked ourselves in ringside seats with coffee

Catriona and four spinning plates

A double act

Fraser upside down as usual

David doing things with sticks: my Dad always stuck his tongue out when he threw a dart

Beautiful but scary


  1. The circus! So exciting! I'm glad the kids had fun!

  2. OH how fun! That last photo is quite exceptional, if you ask me. I see the beauty in it, definately.

    What a treat!