Friday, 13 February 2009

Warm Rain

Last night it rained. Heavily. It was warm rain.

In the field in front of The Cottage (the 5 acres in which The Cottage stands is all behind it) there are four Highland Cattle (one cow and three bulls so the bulls are only just outnumbered). In addition to the ordinary fence in front of The Cottage (which the cattle can and, in the past have, easily demolish) there is an electric fence. Last night the electric fence shorted out and one of the bulls decided on an attempt to breach the barrier between him and the luscious pickings to be had on my side of it. Even cattle, it seems, believe that the grass is greener on the other side.

A quick call to their owners brought forth an immediate response and an attempt to find the cause of the non-working electric deterrent. It turned out to be plants outwith their property had grown over the fence and shorted the electric wire. Rectifying the problem took a little while and when Jan passed the front of the Cottage on the way back she could not have been wetter if she had jumped into the sea. I commiserated with her. Her response was that it was not a problem. In fact the rain was warm and it was rather pleasant.

I was reminded of the fact that I had written on on my notice board in the kitchen in Eagleton "Love is a wheelchair. Happiness is dancing naked in the warm rain". No one understood the first sentence. Not everyone agreed with the second but at least they understood it. Last night as I talked and got soaked (in minutes) I realised that starting out naked in the warm rain was definitely preferable to having to peel off wet clothes.

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