Friday, 7 March 2008

Another Croquet Tournament

It's 1115 Friday. At 1345 Mo 's plane leaves for Auckland where she gets a plane to Sydney to re-join her daughter who went back home to Sydney yesterday. At 1400 I'm being picked up and four of us are going over to Palmerston North for a weekend Croquet Tournament. We return on Sunday night. On Monday my next visitors arrive.

This morning I woke to Autumn. It's a lovely morning as was promised (some Met Office promises are kept but I thing it's rather a question of random luck). The sun shone out of a blue, cloudless sky. The grass glistened with the dew. It was 11 deg when I woke. It's now 27 on the deck.

All's well in my tiny part of the world. I wish it could be so for everyone.

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