Sunday, 20 January 2008

A Couple of Uneventful Days

After a series of postings about what I considered to be interesting things I thought I'd go back to the more boring topic of updating you on what I'm up to. In truth I feel rather like Elizabet Taylor's seventh husband on their wedding night: I know what's expected of me but I've no idea how to make it interesting.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a day for Croquet but it started with very heavy rain sweeping across the orchard in front of the Cottage making that look very unlikely. By 0930 it was down to drizzle so I decided to go to the Club on the chance that it might not be heavy rain down there on the plain and that if there was I'd do some shopping.

On the outskirts of town where a dual carriageway starts I realised that the car coming towards me was actually on my carriageway. This was not looking like a Good Day.

When I arrived at the Club I realised that the ground was dry: the Club had had no rain. Explain that.

I played over six hours of Croquet which probably meant that I walked about 6 or 7 kilometres during the day. I had three excellent games of Golf Croquet in the morning and then in the afternoon I discovered that I had an Association doubles match - my second - which had been arranged without me knowing. It was a good match too (helped by our win by one hoop!).

I didn't reach home until after 7 pm but apart from a call at Pak n Save for some provisions I can't for the life of me recall what I did between 1620 when I left the Club and when I arrived home. That was only 24 hours ago - this is not a Good Sign.

I went to June's this morning to do a few things to her computer and have a bite of lunch before returning home to watch the A1 GP which was, today, held in Taupo. What a difference from the GP 'proper': frequent overtaking and thrills and spills galore.

Today the weather in Napier has been dreach and miserable with lots of light, drenching rain. But whilst the rain meant that I couldn't see the hills behind which I live from the road home from town, the rest of New Zealand is suffering the driest conditions for decades and there are fires everywhere. We are an Island of rain in a sea of sun. Bummer.

On the right is my Association Doubles partner, Frank. He is one of the Club's very experienced players. He and Noel, another very experienced player, decided to take on Colleen and I who are two new recruits to Association. He has just performed a wonderfully consistent shot: golfers will admire the fact that Frank's head has stayed in exactly the same place throughout the shot until just after the strike.

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  1. Re your comment - "I know what's expected of me but I've no idea how to make it interesting." It doesn't seem to matter what subject you post about (Sorry, about what subject you post...) I find your Blog interesting. It is most enjoyable living in New Zealand and doing things at second-hand!