Sunday, 18 November 2007

Premier Sport

Which sport can displace any other programme on New Zealand Television? Football? I've not seen any football on TV here. Rugby? Well it's certainly very popular and, yes, it makes prime time TV. Cricket? Of course it's popular and, again yes, it gets good TV slots. But what takes precedence over everything? Netball!

Tonight (Saturday) the pride of a nation rode on the final between New Zealand (the World Cup holders) and Australia. The Black Caps had lost at Cricket, the All Blacks had lost the Rugby. Everything rested on the (incredibly high) shoulders of the Silver Ferns.

All seemed lost after the first two quarters. Then the Ferns recovered to within 2 points only to miss three opportunities in the last five minutes or so and eventually lose by 4 points at 38 to 42. A nation went into mourning.

England had earlier been knocked into fourth place. I suspect that not only did the match not make UK TV but that the result probably didn't make the TV News.

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