Saturday, 10 November 2007

Cuculus non facit monacum

And neither does the fact that for the second day running I am sitting in bed with my cup of Green Tea mean that this is a habit. I'm sorry. That has to be one of the worst punic analogies ever. (Cuculus non facit monacum = a coul does not a monk make. I hope I have the spelling correct. If I don't CJ will soon post a comment correcting me). Please put it down to the state of my health.

It is another beautiful morning with no wind. Hopefully there will be no wind on the Croquet lawns either. They are nearer the sea and get the cold winds off it.

So I shall sit here and compose Blog postings and emails until the spirit moves me and I go and get a shower.

As I still don't have a phoneline in the Cottage this will not get sent until after Croquet and you (with the probably exception of CJ) will almost certainly all be in bed and, hopefully, asleep.


  1. I think you were looking to me to correct any error in the Latin - there is none. But I could point out that coul is spelled cowl! More lemonade needed. {This comment is posted by the winner of the Pedant of the Year Award 2004.}

  2. Yes. I had failed to notice that. John Marshall has obviously not read it yet.